JULY 20-22, 2017 | MASONTOWN, WV

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The Woodshedders

Live At Deep Roots Mountain Revival 2017

“The Woodshedders bring the influence of vintage American music forward in its songwriting. The band is known for fun, danceable shows that swerve between different genres to create exciting original sounds.”
The lineup includes Dwayne Brooke on guitar and vocals, Ryan Mayo on upright bass and piano, Jesse Shultzaberger on drums, and Dave Van Deventer on fiddle. The Woodshedders have played Bristol Rhythm & Roots Festival, Mountain Stage New Song Fest, PBS Song of the Mountains, WAMU’s Capital Americana, and are the host band of Virginia’s Watermelon Park Fest.
2016 brings the release of several new original live tunes to the set including Spark, Like the Sun, Blur, January 23, and Tell the World. These and more will be released on a new album of all-original songs due Sping ’17.
2013 brought the release of The Woodshedders’ all-original album, “Wildfire,” …a storybook ramble that explores the band’s diverse roots music influences, and spotlights its virtuosic members.
“The opening track “Highway” sets the listener on the road of travel, hope, and heartbreak, as singer and guitarist, Dwayne Brooke tones the album with charismatic vocals and lyricism. Lead guitarist and mandolinist, Jared Pool’s original tune “Keel Reel,” is a rowdy flatpicking instrumental that rides the line of traditional and modern bluegrass, and further highlights The Woodshedders’ dynamic sound.”
“Jesse Shultzaberger (drums) and Ryan Mayo (bass, piano) lay down deep, cohesive grooves throughout “Wildfire”. This is especially felt on “O Dig”, a funky, off-kilter dance number. Fiddlin’ Dave Van Deventer elevates the tension to new heights on “Phantom on the Highway,” as the 60’s era Leslie organ speaker haunts the sound of the wild and raucous fiddle.”


The Woodshedders

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